Childrens Foot Care

Children’s Podiatry

We love seeing children. You may think kids don’t get foot problems but it’s quite common for them to get sore feet and legs even at a relatively young age. We make a visit to the clinic fun and not scary.

We want to make sure your child’s feet and legs are developing correctly. Often as a parent, you just need reassurance but other times we may advise the need for exercises to strengthen the feet, specific footwear or additional support. A house rests on it’s foundations and so the feet are the foundation to the body. When they are strong and function well, the rest of the body will also be stronger and work better.

We encourage you to bring your children in for an assessment on their feet, legs & walking patterns even if they have no pain. Obviously if they have pain they should be seen quickly. And if there is a family history of foot or leg problems, it is also worth having a foot check.