Foot and Nail Care

Foot and Nail Care

Foot pain can be due to many different things. Some of the most common causes of foot pain include:

Corns – caused by a buildup of hard skin, they can feel like a stone stuck in your foot. Thankfully, they can be painlessly removed – and you won’t feel a thing.

Ingrown toenail – these can really hurt. Most commonly they occur because the nail has been cut too short or you inherited mum or dad’s nails & they are really curved. Either way, we can gently remove the ingrown section & clear the problem. There are times when a more permanent treatment is required and we can perform a minor surgery that will permanently fix the problem.

Thickened & hard to cut nails – nails become thickened most commonly due to either some sort of injury such as dropping a can or brick on your toe or a fungal infection. Either way, the nail can be painlessly cut & filed down. And if due to a fungal infection, we can treat that with several options including laser.

The end result, whatever your problem, is your feet will feel great & you will leave with a skip in your step.