Laser For Nail Fungus

Laser for Nail Fungus

One of the most common and difficult to treat problems is nail fungus. This is where the nail will either become thickened and often crumbly when cut or change to a cream, green or brown colour. It most commonly occurs in the big toenails but can occur in any nail.

So what causes nail fungus? The majority of the time it is due to tinea. Most people think tinea is always itchy and found between the toes but it can easily get into the nails.

The most important thing is not to ignore it. Treat it early before it spreads to the rest of your nails or to someone else – fungal nails are contagious.

We most commonly use laser to treat the infection. This is highly effective as it penetrates the nail and treats the fungus in not just the nail but under the nail which is why many treatment options fail.  The treatment is quick & painless.