Ball of Foot pain

Ball of Foot pain

Does this sound like you – “The ball of my foot really aches when I put weight on it. Sometimes I also get pins & needles & burning in my toes. I can’t seem to find shoes that are comfortable.” Pain in the ball of the foot is extremely common.

The most common causes of pain under the ball of the foot are:
1. thickening & irritation of nerves in the ball of the foot (commonly called a neuroma).
2. thinning of the tissue under the ball of the foot (called plantar fat pad atrophy).
3. damage to the joints & ligaments under the ball of the foot (called many different names including metatarsalgia, bursitis & plantar plate tears).

All these problems can initially be helped by wearing the appropriate footwear – good fit (adequate length & width), supportive & cushioned. Getting these areas correct, will often relieve the pain.

If you are still experiencing pain after a few weeks, make an appointment with one of our Podiatrists by either calling the clinic of booking online now by clicking the “Book Appointment” button.

Diagnosing pain in the ball of your foot can be complex & so it is important to have your pain properly assessed & diagnosed. Our Podiatrist’s at Healthy Life Foot Clinic are trained to assess, diagnose & treat pain in the ball of the foot. Treatment commonly used can include footwear advice, muscle/tissue stretching & strengthening, use of acupuncture, dry needling, low level & cold laser therapy, activity modification & orthotics. Please call us if you would like to speak with us about your pain or book online now by clicking on the “Book Appointment” button.