Heel Pain

Heel Pain

Does this sound like you – “I get out of bed in the morning & can’t put my heel to the ground. Eventually I can stand but I have to really limp. Eventually it feels like the foot loosens up & the pain becomes less. But then I sit down for a while, get up again & my heel hurts all over again. What’s wrong?”

If you have been experiencing heel pain, then you’ve come to the right place for advice on what’s wrong, what to do & how to get rid of your heel pain.So most importantly, if you have heel pain, don’t ignore it. If you’ve had heel pain for more than a few weeks, get it sorted because we know that your pain is probably not going to go away by itself. Now, if you’d like to read more about heel pain, click HERE but you may have developed something called plantar fasciitis – a strained ligament under your heel bone.

So what can I do about it? Great question. Try these two simple steps:
1. roll the arch of your foot over a frozen drink bottle – this helps stretch the ligament & reduce inflammation
2. if your shoes are 12 months or older, replace them to increase support

If this does not resolve the pain over 1-2 weeks, call Healthy Life Foot Clinic or make an appointment now by clicking on the “Book Appointment” button.

The type of pain (aching, throbbing, burning, tingling), location of pain (bottom of heel, side of heel, back of heel) & when the pain occurs (morning, night time, getting up from resting) will help us determine the cause & treatment of your heel pain.

Diagnosing heel pain pain can be complex & so it is important to have your heel pain properly assessed & diagnosed. Our Podiatrist’s at Healthy Life Foot Clinic are trained to assess, diagnose & treat heel pain. Treatment commonly used can include footwear advice, muscle/tissue stretching & strengthening, use of acupuncture, dry needling, low level & cold laser therapy, activity modification & flexible orthotics. If you’re suffering from heel pain call us or make an appointment by clicking on the “Book Appointment” button.