Low Level Laser Therapy FAQ – Is It Safe?

Low Level Laser Therapy FAQ – Is It Painful?
May 26, 2017
Low Level Laser Therapy Burnside
Low Level Laser Therapy FAQ – What can it be used for?
May 26, 2017
Low Level Laser Therapy

Safety is paramount with any therapy or treatment.?

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is extremely safe & has almost no risks. But when you write the word “almost”, understandably, people want to know what “almost” means.

LLLT uses low level lasers & light. Being a low level laser doesn’t refer to the quality of the laser, but it’s power. So a low level laser does not generate any heat & therefore does not cause pain. But low level laser therapy like any source of powerful light, can damage areas such as the eyes.

At Footmed, all our Podiatrist receive specific training in the safe use of laser. Both the Podiatrist & patient are also required to wear safety glasses during treatment. But obviously, when we are treating a lower limb problem we are not anywhere near the eyes.

So, low level laser therapy is extremely safe. And effective at treating lower limb pain. If you feel you’d like to discuss the use of LLLT, one of our Podiatrist’s is always happy to discuss whether LLLT maybe helpful to you.

For an appointment or further information on low level laser therapy (LLLT), you should telephone our clinic on (08) 8333 2022.

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