Outside ankle pain

Outside ankle pain

Does this sound like you – “My ankle feels weak & sometimes it gives way. It’s often painful & achey & I find it hard to walk/run – it feels unstable. Wearing sneakers is the only type of shoe I can wear. The more activity I do the worse it is. I have sprained it in the past & it’s never been right since”. Ankle pain can also reduce your ability to do simple activities like walking & gardening but can limit more demanding activities such as running & sport.

Pain around the outside of the ankle is very common. Common causes include ankle sprain, ankle weakness after old healed ankle sprain, tendon strain, nerve irritation, incorrect footwear & arthritis.

Seeing a Podiatrist is important because treating your pain & helping you return to activity requires an accurate diagnosis. Once you know what’s wrong, a plan can be put in place to relieve the pain, strengthen your ankle & get you fully mobile & active.

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Diagnosing pain around the outside of the ankle can be complex & so it is important to have your pain properly assessed & diagnosed. Our Podiatrist’s at Healthy Life Foot Clinic are trained to assess, diagnose & treat ankle pain. Treatment commonly used can include footwear advice, muscle/tissue stretching & strengthening, use of acupuncture, dry needling, low level & cold laser therapy, activity modification & orthotics. Please call us if you would like to speak with us about your heel pain or make an appointment by clicking on the “Book Appointment” button.