Warts are known by several different names including plantar warts & verrucae but they are the same thing. A brief bit of biology – warts are caused by a virus. Viruses cause all sorts of problems including the common cold/flu. There are estimated to be over 300,00 different types of viruses. The culprit that causes warts is a strain of virus called human papillomavirus or HPV.

Warts are generally not painful & can often be left alone. Other times they can be numerous & cause considerable pain. If you have a wart you should call our clinic & make an appointment to confirm it is a wart & not something else. We will advise you if it needs to be treated or not.

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If treatment is necessary then there are several options we can advise you on such as acids treatments, laser & needling. Our Podiatrist’s at Healthy Life Foot Clinic are trained to assess, diagnose & treat warts.

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